Nuri Grill Bar


NURI OMAKASE | 누리 오마카세

Try the Nuri Omakase ("I will leave it up to you") course where our Chef brings the customer the best seasonal food selection.

We offer a specially crafted 12-course menu, Prime cuts of meat, and fresh seafood using the finest ingredients imported directly from South Korea.

750 per person

Weekday - 7pm to 9:30pm
Weekend & Holiday - 1st. 1pm to 3:30pm | 2nd. 7pm to 9:30pm

*Nuri Omakase is happy to serve 12 guests only for a day. Reservation is required at least one day earlier

Butcher's Feast
누리 고기한상

*minimum of 2 Guests

A selection of our chef’s favorite cuts. Trust us!

4 Special Cut

Four selected cuts with Korean accompaniments

270 per person

6 Premium Cut

Six selected cuts with Korean accompaniments

350 per person


Four selected cuts with Korean accompaniments

270 per person

Sets Include:

Served with Banchans, mixed salad, signature sauces, & dipping salts


Pickled seasonal vegetables

Dolsot Pot Rice
돌솥밥 1pc

Scallion Salad

Mixed greens, gochujang vinaigrette

with Ssam-jang
상추와 쌈장

Mixed lettuce with dipping paste

Spicy Kimchi Stew

A thick stew made from kimchi simmered with various kinds of meat


Dwen-jang Stew

Fermented soybean paste stew

Savory Egg Soufflé

Organic egg, kelp broth

Snow Bingsu

Shaved snow Ice, red beans, sweet toppings

MORE MEAT | 더 많은 고기

Beef Premium Cuts

The Ambassador of Steak!


Only the top 5% of Australian wagyu make the cut​

Ribeye Roll 120g 알등심 150
Ribeye Cap 100g 새우살 150
Ribeye Strip 100g 가외살 150
Striploin 120g 채끝살 150
USD Prime

Only the top 5% of American cattle make the cut

• Water Aged Ribeye Roll 120g 알등심 120
• Water Aged Ribeye Cap 100g 새우살 120
• Water Aged Ribeye Strip 100g 가외살 120
• Water Aged Striploin 120g 채끝살 120
Nuri Steak (Chuck Flap) 120g 살치살 120
Flat Iron (Top Blade) 100g 부채살. 120

• = Aged 15 days in our water aging room

Outside Skirt 100g 안창살 120
Filet Mignon(Tenderloin) 120g 안심 120
Nuri KKOTSAL 갈비 꽃살 or 주물럭 120
Boneless Short Rib (Fresh or Marinated)
Nuri Galbi 120g 생갈비 or 양념갈비 120
Short Rib (Fresh or Marinated)
Chadol(Brisket Point) 100g 차돌박이 120
Nuri Special Steak 100g 특양구이 120
Pork Premium Cuts

Best Value in Every Part

눈꽃 삼겹살

눈꽃 목살

대패 삼겹살

돼지 양념갈비

쪽갈비(간장 or 매운)


*Prices are in UAE Dirham (AED) inclusive of 5% VAT


족발 보쌈세트

Pork trotters cooked with unique soy sauce and spices (good for 2-3 person)

Je-Ju Gwang-Eo | 720

제주 광어

1.5kg Sliced halibut raw flat fish with special sauces (good for 2-3 person)

Je-ju Dodari | 420

도다리 세트

750g Sliced flounder raw flat fish with special sauces (good for 2 person)

NURI Ceviche | 100

제주 전복 한치 물회

Sliced Korean squid, abalone and vegetables that are mixed with seasoned spicy hot pepper paste, vinegar, and cold soup (No Set Included)

Sets Include:


Pickled seasonal vegetables

Maeun Tang

Fish Soup

*Only for sashimi orders only

Red Leaf Lettuce
with Ssam-jang
상추와 쌈장

Gam-Sae Jeon

Potato and shrimp pancake

Savory Egg Soufflé

Organic egg, Kelp broth

Spicy Kimchi Stew

A thick stew made from kimchi

*Only for Jokbal orders only

Chef Menu | 쉐프 메뉴

Abalone Galbijjim | 200

전복 갈비찜

Marinated and steamed braised short ribs with Jeju abalone
(good for 2 person)

Tteok Japchae | 120

궁중 떡잡채

Stir-fried Starch Noodles with beef and mixed vegetables in a slightly sweet and savory sauce

Hae Mul Jjim | 240


Various seafood with soybean sprout nicely braced that burst of robust flavor (good for 2 person)


Korean spicy soup with assorted sausage, vegetable, ramen noodle

Nakgopsae | 250

낙곱새(낙지,새우, 곱창전골)

Combination of octopus, shrimp, and giblets
(good for 2 person)

Dolpan Nurungi Cheese Dak Galbi | 200

돌판 누룽지 치즈 닭갈비

Special stone pan with rice cracker and flavorful creamy cheese sauce topped with marinated chicken (Dak Galbi)
(Minimum order of 2 person)

Lobster Jjamppong jeongol | 240

랍스터 짬뽕전골

Korean spicy special soup that has lobster and is loaded with various type of seafood (good for 2 person)


Spicy pork bone soup seasoned with Korean special condiments (good for 2 person)

김치전골(차돌 / 통삼겹, 통목살)

Korean kimchi stew with beef or pork, tofu, and vegetables
(good for 2 person)

Bassak bulgogi | 150


Thinly sliced grilled beef marinated with Korean barbecue sauce
(good for 2 person)


Tender flavorful pork with hot red spicy oyster radish, and subtly flavored fermented shrimp wrapped in a crispy pickled cabbage leaf
(good for 2 person)

한방 족발, 불족발

Braising pork knuckle in seasonings over hours until it absorb the flavors and are soft, shinny, and glazed with the meat falling off the bone (good for 2 person)

Jaeyuk Bokkeum


Spicy Korean beef / pork bulgogi marinated in gochujang based sauce


Deep fried crispy beef / pork with Korean style sweet & sour sauce

Nuri Fried Chicken

The Finest Taste!


Deep-fried crispy chicken dish glazed in a sticky, sweet, and soya sauce


Double deep-fried chicken smothered in a sticky, mild sweet and spicy red sauce


Deep-fried chicken with special garlic sauce

볼케이노 치킨

Deep-fried chicken with quite spicy special sauce


Deep-fried chicken sprinkled butter and cheese powde

*Prices are in UAE Dirham (AED) inclusive of 5% VAT
RICE MENU | 식사 메뉴

Dol Sot Set (Rice+Stew+Grilled Fish or Bulgogi)

가마솥밥 세트(솥밥+오늘의 국+생선구이 or 불고기)

Truffle Chadol Sot Bab | 130

트러플 차돌 가마솥발

Rice with thinly sliced beef brisket topped with truffle

Abalone Mushroom Sot Bab | 130

전복 버섯 가마솥밥

Rice topped with mushroom and Jeju abalone

Seasoned Beef Rib Sot Bab | 130

양념갈비 가마솥밥

Rice with juicy marinated beef ribs

콩나물 가마솥밥

Rice cooked with bean sprouts

Sets Include:


Dwen-jang Stew

Grilled Mackerel
간고등어 구이



Wagyu Deonjang stew with rice | 75

와규 된장말이 밥

Beef with soybean paste stew and rice

Chadol Kimche Fried Rice | 75

차돌 김치 볶음밥

Stir-fried kimchi rice with beef brisket

Grilled Mackerel Combo | 100

간고등어와 된장찌개

Crispy and smoky skin flavorful mackerel with soybean paste stew

Bulgogi Deop Bap | 75

불고기 덮밥

Grilled marinated beef and vegetables with rice

NakJi Deop Bap | 79


Stir-fried long arms octopus in hot pepper flakes & green chilli pepper with rice

Jaeyuk Deop Bap | 75 (beef or pork)


Thinly sliced beef or pork marinated with Korean barbecue sauce and vegetables


Steamed rice in a sizzling clay pot with assorted toppings


Fermented soybean paste stew
(hand pulled dough)

순두부 찌개

Spicy soft tofu stew

뼈다귀 해장국

Cooked with cabbage leaves, vegetables and Korean special condiments in a hearty pork broth

김치찌개(통돼지, 차돌)

Spicy kimchi stew with pork or beef

Galbi Tang | 75


Beef short rib soup


Abalone Deulkkae Cream Pasta | 85

전복 들깨 크림 파스타

Pasta with sliced abalone in perilla seed cream sauce

Galbi Tang Guksu | 75


Clear beef short rib soup with wheat noodle

Lobster Chadol Jjam-Ppong | 95

차돌 랍스터 짬뽕

Spicy noodle soup that is loaded with various types of seafood and beef brisket.


Stir-fried glass noodle dish seasoned with a sweet and savory sauce

동치미 국수

Wheat noodles with radish water kimchi and other special ingredients

동치미 냉면(물/비빔)

Cold buckwheat noodle soup with hot pepper paste, sesame oil, and sesame seeds.


Cold thin wheat flour noodle dish made with crisp and fresh vegetables


Cold buckwheat noodle soup consist of eggs, green onions, and seaweed

*Prices are in UAE Dirham (AED) inclusive of 5% VAT

Taco with Beef Tartare (2pcs) | 65


Taco, Beef tartare

Nuri Buchaesal Maki (2pcs) | 75

누리 부채살마끼(묵은지)

Grilled wagyu top blade meat, special kimchi roll

Steak Tartare 60g | 80


Minced beef with special sauce

Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich (2pcs) | 60

안심가츠 샌드위치

Wagyu Tenderloin

Nuri Croquoette (1pc) | 65

누리 고로케

Deep fried roll with chopped wagyu meat, mashed potato

Tteok Galbi (2pcs) | 60


Deep fried roll with chopped wagyu meat, mashed potato

스팸 무수비

Dried seaweed, spam, Korean rice

Chosun Burger | 60


Wagyu meat, cheese, truffle fried potato, special sauce

Crispy Cheese Corn Dog | 55

미니 핫도그

Grained wagyu meat, deep fried

Japchae Spring Roll | 50

잡채 스프링롤

Stir-pan glass noodle crispy spring roll with sweet chill sauce

Grilled Cheese Corn | 55

옥수수 콘

Charred corn topped up with melty cheddar & authentic Korean ingredients

Kimchi Cheese Arancini | 75

김치치즈 아란치니

Deep fried cheese kimchi fried rice with rose tomato sauce

Bulgogi Spring Roll | 55

불고기 스프링롤

Korean sweet soy sauce marinated beef crispy spring roll with sweet chill sauce

Jeju Steamed Abalone (2pcs) | 70


Abalone, dried seaweed

Chosun Ceviche 100g | 75

조선 물회 (전복,광어)

Abalone, halibut, hot pepper paste, vinegar, vegetables


Skewer of Scallop & Shrimps (2pcs) | 70

관자 새우 꼬치

Skewer | Aed 60

Wagyu Ribeye (3pcs)

꽃갈비살 꼬치

Marinated Chicken (3pcs)

양념 닭 꼬치

돼지갈비 꼬치

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Skin (3pcs)

매운 닭가죽 꼬치

Truffle egg Soufflé 트러플 계란찜 50
Savory steamed eggs with truffle oil
Moon Chadol 차돌숙주볶음 70
Stir-fried brisket, bean sprout, and mixed vegetables
Fried Dumplings (Beef/Pork) 5pcs 군만두 60
Beef/pork, cabbage, soy sauce, and sesame oil seasoning
Steamed Dumplings (Beef/Pork) 5pcs 찜만두 60
Beef/pork, cabbage, soy sauce, and sesame oil seasoning
Tofu Kimchi (Beef/Pork) 두부김치 80
Stir pan fried kimchi with fresh tofu
Bowl of Rice 공기밥 15
Steamed rice

Nuri Tartare 100g | 120


Minced raw beef steak with raw egg yolk

Jeju Fresh Oyster 5pcs | 120

석화 한접시(계절상품)

Fresh oyster, imported from Korea (Jeju Island) by air.

Jeju Fresh Abalone 5pcs | 130

전복 한접시(계절상품)

Fresh abalone, imported from Korea (Jeju Island) by air.

Seafood Pancake 해물파전 100
Potato starch & variety of seafood
Gamsae Jeon(Pancake) 감새전(감자,새우) 80
Sliced potato and shrimp pancake
Dusae Jeon (Pancake) 두새전(두부,새우) 80
Tofu and shrimp pancake
☘︎ Kimchi Pancake 김치전 70
A delicacy made of aged sour kimchi
☘︎ Cheese Tteok bokki(Rice cake) 치즈 떡볶이 70
Rice cakes smothered in a sweet and chilly paste sauce with cheese
☘︎ Nuri Salad 누리샐러드 60
Mixed fresh lettuce, capsicum, cucumber with yuza sauce


Steamed rice rolled with various other ingredients


Vegetables, dried seaweed and various other ingredients

Spicy Tuna Gimbab | 55


Spicy tuna, dried seaweed and various other ingredients

Bulgogi Gimbab | 55


Bulgogi, dried seaweed and various other ingredients

Beef Tartare Gimbab | 55

육회 김밥

Korean Style Beef Tartare, dried seaweed and various other ingredients

*Prices are in UAE Dirham (AED) inclusive of 5% VAT
Dessert Menu | 디저트메뉴

Good for 2 person


치즈 누리 빙수

Green Tea Bingsu | 70

그린티 빙수

Mango Cheese Bingsu | 75

망고 치즈 빙수

CookiE & Choco Bingsu | 65

쿠키앤초코 빙수

Berries Bingsu | 75

베리 빙수

Ice Cream

Trio Ice Cream | 50

트리오 아이스크림

Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream | 50

바닐라 아이스크림을 곁들인 초콜릿 퐁당

Mochi Ice Cream | 40

모찌 아이스크림

Nurungji Ice Cream | 25

누룽지 아이스크림

Green Tea Ice Cream | 25

그린티 아이스크림

Melon Ice Cream | 25

메론 아이스크림

Cheese Ice Cream | 25

치즈 아이스크림

Private Karaoke | 노래방

100 AED per hour

Sing your heart out in our Karaoke Room for only 100AED per hour! It's your stage to shine with friends and family while enjoying delicious food and drinks.

Ask your server for more information

*Prices are in UAE Dirham (AED) inclusive of 5% VAT