Nuri Grill Bar

4 Special Cut Nuri Galbi on copper plate

About Nuri - Authentic Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

NURI, a one-of-a-kind Korean steak restaurant that blends the art of grilling luscious cuts of steak, the elegance of omakase dining, with the lively ambiance of a vibrant karaoke bar. We aim to provide our guest with an unforgettable journey of flavor and sophistication.

At NURI, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality, ethically raised cuts of meat. Our team of expert chefs utilizes traditional and innovative techniques to elevate the flavors and textures of our steaks, resulting in a truly extraordinary dining experience. We specialize in marbled steak with a special emphasis on wet-aging meat, allowing our steaks to develop depth of flavor, tenderness, and richness.

Nuri promises to deliver an unforgettable Korean fine dining experience that blends the best of Korean steaks, a vibrant bar, and the excitement of karaoke.

“NURI”, where the light meets the world, is your newest authentic Korean favorite restaurant. Nuri is term that has a special significance in both the Arabic and Korean languages. In Arabic, it means “Light”, shining or brightness. In Korean, it is a native word which means “World”, emphasizing that the world is connected in so many ways.

This Light connects people through love, friendship, and happiness. Experience the Light with your friends and family during your Korean dining experience here in the World of “NURI”